Welcome Yulong, Julie, and Florian!

The start of the new year brought three new faces to our team. The lab is pleased to welcome Dr. Yulong Su, Julie Urgiles, and Florian Kabinger!

Yulong received his PhD in in cancer biology from Oregon Health & Science University in 2017. His thesis work was conducted under Dr. Rosalie Sears and detailed previously uncharacterized mechanisms of c-Myc regulation through post-translational modifications that affect localization to the nuclear pore basket. He will be joining the MYC-focused team, where his knowledge of c-Myc biology will be a welcome addition.

Welcome, also, to Julie, a medical student in the Harvard-MIT Health Science & Technology (HST) program.  Julie received a B.S. in Chemistry from Cornell in 2017 and will join our group for the research portion of her training. She will be joining the existing team focused on oncogenic transcription factors in prostate cancer, where she will leverage her skills in synthetic organic chemistry to enable target engagement studies for small molecule probes in development against some of our favorite targets.

And, lastly, welcome, Florian! Florian is a visiting masters students from the University of Applied Sciences in Austria, supported by Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation Fellowship. He brings expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry techniques, which both the adenoid cystic carcinoma team and the prostate cancer team are delighted to fold into ongoing mechanism of action studies for chemical probes currently in development.

Welcome, all!