Welcome Qiaoyi, Chuan-Xu, and Becky!

Archive from August 2014

Welcome to Dr. Qiaoyi Wang, Dr. Chuan-Xu Liu and Becky Leifer as new group members. Qiaoyi comes to MIT from Professor Shi's lab at WVU where he worked on novel chemistry involving gold-catalyzed reactions. Qiaoyi is joining our Myc project team and has an interest in biological target identification for natural products that modulate transcription. Chuan-Xu is a physician-scientist with expertise in mechanisms of leukemogenesis and a former trainee of Chancellor Guo-Qiang Chen at Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine. He is a recent recipient of a Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership Foundation fellowship. The fellowship will help to fund his research focused on developing new tools to modulate an oncogenic transcriptional regulator in acute myeloid leukemia known as AML1-ETO. Finally, Becky will join an expanding team in the area of modulating transcriptional processes in prostate cancer.